Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Again with the Persephone

So now I'm thinking about writing Persephone. With someone totally hot as Lord of the Underground or whatever. "Mind the gap!" I can see it now.

It would be contemporary, light paranormal (Goddess of Spring and all), and probably a little snarky. (/gasp/ - no!) Persephone would definitely have a dark side.

Her arc would be moving from someone living in her mother's shadow - essentially a child, all primary colors and nursery rhymes - to adulthood with its shades of gray and complex bass lines.

Meanwhile the first 30 pages of FOOL ME TWICE go off to Meg the agent tomorrow, and the revised first 50 to the Golden Opportunity contest by Friday. I won't hear about whether or not I won those other two until Atlanta (but thanks for asking!).


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