Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Persephone myth

So I've been reading about Persephone, and the thing that strikes me in most Internet versions of the myth is that she's shown as someone who is duped into eating the pomegranate seeds, rather than making a conscious decision to do so.

I think that's more interesting. What if she came to like it, down there with Hades? Sure, he's dark and stern and probably sort of unhealthy - I mean, Lord of the Underworld and all - but I'm sure he had his own dark charm.

Maybe it called to her dark side. You can't be all Princess of Spring all the time, you know. Maybe she found Hell a relief. She didn't have to be all sweetness and light, and her hair didn't have to be perfect all the time, either. And bonus - she got a break from the family business. Maybe it was worth it.

In my version, she would be given a choice. She would enter into it knowingly.


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