Friday, August 04, 2006

Announcing the Persephone blog

I'm trying an experiment: blogging in Persephone's voice, here:

Right now it's mostly worldbuilding infodumpy stuff. There's still the odd shimmery line or two, but it's me stretching, working out. (I mean, would that I were actually working out, but this is highly satisfying and - bonus! - no sweating.)

I like that Pere. And Hades (Hal? Hank? Harry?) is turning out to be a stand-up guy. He and Demeter, after all, both reap: the only difference is, he reaps souls. They're more alike than they are different.

Hades' twin brother Steve, though, is a problem. Power-hungry and looking to throw a coup. He'll be one to watch, particularly since he and Pere used to have a thing, way back in high school, and since (as the younger twin) he's always had something to prove. It would be just like him to throw a wrench in the works - or more like, gas on the fire.


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