Sunday, October 01, 2006


My favorite month started today, in perfect October fashion: sunny but with big gray clouds floating around, threatening rain and encouraging the making of applesauce and homemade bread and things with cinnamon on.

My friend Diane is making cinnamon rolls today. If I felt even a smidge better about the roly-polyness that is me, I would join her in that most worthy of endeavors, but as it stands, I am appalled by the stomachness of my stomach and the thighness of my thighs, and so I'm giving it a pass.

Instead I am using two hours of my October Sunday time to edit a doc for WORK. If I wore a big orange button, it would read, Ask me about my bitterness!

But that's OK. Know why? Because it is October, and there is home-made applesauce in my refrigerator, and tonight I am making chili: a mass of red-brown goodness in my red-brown Dutch oven. My kitchen will smell like carmelized onion and deerskin slippers and autumnal joy.


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