Thursday, November 02, 2006

2022 words what I wrote yesterday, and they were like drops of blood coming off my forehead. God. I got up to 863 in the morning, to 1403 by midafternoon (lunchtime writing), and then put in another hour at night to get to 2022.

Normally I write faster than that. Ahem. A LOT faster. Adding insult to injury, my writing yesterday was not better, it just took longer.

I need a button: "Ask me about my bitterness!"

The problem was that I spent yesterday morning fixing the first two chapters, of course, so for every word I wrote, I swear I deleted three. But still, 2022 is 2202 more than I had on Tuesday. Today I'm aiming to make that 4022. Or so.

Of course, there's an entire scene that needs to be rewritten, but I think I'm saving that for December. As of today, I'm toeing the NaNo line: no revising, at least not on this level. Just write write write.

Also, is fall not the best season? It may have officially started a few weeks back, but it secretly started on my birthday a week ago (United Nations Day. You of course celebrated by giving one another the traditional United Nations Day gifts of Amnesty International stickers and flatbread, right?), but the season really gets a leg up with Halloween.

I love Halloween. All those kids dressing up, all that chocolate. Could there be a better holiday? And from here on out, it's just fun fun fun, straight on through to January: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. Each spring I say spring is my favorite time of year, and each autumn I renege. Fall is where it's at.

One last NaNo thing and then I'll let it go for the day: if you order the supercool kit, you get stickers for your laptop/notebook that read, "Ask me about my novel!"

They should include a removable, reusable one that reads "Don't".


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