Sunday, November 05, 2006

Exuberant procrastination

So yesterday, I sit down at the table and I tell myself, You, my dear, are going to catch up.

I turn on my computer and make sure my coffee is within reach and while the machine's booting up, I jot down a note or two about one of my main characters in the notebook I keep with me at all times. It has a flame-orange cover and inside, graph paper instead of lined, because I like filling in boxes when I am not writing down the notes, and anyway it frees me to scribble all over the lines instead of having to stay on the lines. Yay.

The machine is booted up and I think, I'll warm up by writing a blog entry. So I do that, and then surf around, just to keep up to date, you know. I find something online about a friend of a friend, so I email a third friend to say, WTF? She writes back to say No no, that's about the other friend, and that entails a whole other conversation.

Then I check my stats, and holy baby Jeebus, that Pink Elephant randomizer over at for NaBloPoMo is working for me. Hi-do, new readers! Welcome to the hoe-down of dumb. What can I say? You deserve better, but this is all I have to give.

Then I let Heidi know that I was not snarking out at her, not really, yesterday when (I blame Day-Quil!) I wrote her email entitled, "Seriously? 10,000 words on Day 2?" She really is an inspiration. My jealousy is my problem; she rules.

Although on Day 3 she was up to 24,000 words. I think we should organize a kidnapping because she's putting the rest of us to shame. I am looking at you, Syd, Miss 325 Words.

But instead, I tell Heidi I am turning off the Internet, and instead, I start writing this post, surf to her site so I can link to her, and end up reading it.

And that, my friends, is how you procrastinate during November. I did end up writing 3000 words, and I am still behind.


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