Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pancake heaven

This morning I met the delightful Kim for breakfast at a pancake joint near her place. I was late, congested and afflicted by cough syrup dementia when I finally showed up, but breakfast with Kim is always fun, and before you know it we were bemoaning our NaNo novels and talking about our childhoods.

Now I'm at a cafe gearing up to write. The other night -- and I totally blame NyQuil for this -- I had this idea that maybe writing Demeter as a controlling, manipulative Lady MacBeth wouldn't be quite as much fun as writing her as a loopily domineering stage mother who wants to make that nasty old rumor about Persephone and Hades true.

I'm torn. I'm 22,000 words in, and changing Demeter now would force changing the entire thrust of the story, but on the other hand, I could totally see Demeter as sort of a determined Betty White-type character.

In other news, I am the worst best friend in the world. Carrie thinks she's the worst because she hasn't sent me a birthday present, but I know I'm the worst because though her son is almost one year old, I HAVE YET TO MEET HIM. (He does live several states away, but still.)

So Carrie, girl, if you're reading this, know you're only #2. You'll need to work harder to top that.


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