Thursday, January 04, 2007

Local girl does good

Miss Eileen got a terrific review in Romantic Times for her upcoming debut novel, In the Stars (Berkley, June 2007). They predict she's going to be top of the bestseller lists one of these days, and we will all nod and smile proudly because we always knew she would.

Here's the review - did I mention, four and a half stars is damn near as good a review as RT gives?

by Eileen Cook
RT Rating: 4½
Publisher: BerkleyPublished: February 2007 (it's actually coming out in June)
Type: Contemporary Romance


Cook's debut novel seems destined to climb to the top of the bestsellerlists. It's laugh-out-loud funny, and readers will immediately fall in lovewith her style. This book reaches a new level of comedy with its hilariousheroine, exhilarating plot and fresh new approach to this well-loved genre.


Summary: After being dumped out of the blue by six-year boyfriend DougChase, Sophie Kintock becomes so determined to get him back that some peoplemay call her crazy. She sneaks into his apartment complex and finds himasking out a woman who believes in psychics. From there, her plan is set inmotion: Pose as a psychic and tell Melanie, Doug's new girl, that they arenot destined to be together.To obtain proper training as a psychic, she begins working with cute skepticNick McKenna, who knows the trickery behind the psychic business. When her"psychic" advice makes her famous, she must decide whether she wants tocontinue the charade and remain single, keep pursuing her ex or give herheart to someone new.
(BERKLEY, Feb., 288 pp., $14.00) MILD—Autumn Harrison


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