Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Alert the media

The other day I was fooling around on C's new weight bench, and I decided to impress him by showing him how much I could lift.

You know where this is going, right?

It wasn't dramatic. I didn't drop the bar or seize up or anything. In fact, it felt fine -- that is, until the next morning, when I moved my neck in the shower and saw stars. And now? Now, my friends, I look like a turtle. And I am in PAIN. The only reason I'm not all hopped up on muscle relaxants is that I have meetings this afternoon. Meetings that must be attended! The bane of my existence: meetings.

I am in so much pain, I think C should get me a puppy. That's how much pain I am with: the kind that can only be soothed by adding another soul to the household. Arf.

Ow. Even that hurt.

Also, go to YouTube.com and check out the God Inc. videos. Hilarious.


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