Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Don't click on me.

If you get an IM from me saying "Click on this," well, don't.

A colleague of mine sent me just such an IM, and I made the mistake of clicking on it (it looked like a Web page!) (and he always sends great links!) (that are sometimes even work-related!).

Up popped a dialog box that said, "Do you want to download this .exe?"

"Sure!" I said gaily, and clicked the Dumbass button.

"Really?" The dialog box asked. "Because the publisher is unknown, which means he probably hangs out in dark alleys wearing a bulky black coat with lots of watches inside that 'fell' off a 'truck'."

And I said, "Oh hell, all publishers do that. That's just good business!" and clicked the Download Anyway, You Fool button.

And then nothing happened.

So I tried to download it again.

Yeah. Ten years at Microsoft and I am still as clueless as ever. (Nb: This is no fault of Microsoft's.)

So either my virus software caught it, or the smoke's about to start pouring out of my machine.
Anyway. Word to the wise.

Update: I just heard that people across the company have been clicking on this thing all morning, so at least I know I am not alone in the clueless boat.


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