Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Getting wood

I used to sculpt a lot, mostly in clay, but I also did some metal sculpture, which was a kick in the ass, let me tell you. You want to have fun with $5 or less, hit up a junk store and assemble yerself a may-un in the form of gears and pulleys and nice hard rods. The superglue even gives you a nice little high.

But I digress.

While we were in SF, we went to the Museum of Modern Art, mostly to see the Matisse exhibit. Matisse was a sculptor as well as a painter, and I haven't been able to get his busts out of my mind. We spent a lot of time in Mendocino, too, on a beach that was literally covered with driftwood. All this has me wanting to get back into sculpting, particularly now that I'm into encaustic. Because what goes better with wood than wax?

This artist is fueling that, and now I'm looking for beginning woodworker classes. The trick is finding one that focuses on sculpture rather than furniture.

Mom will be so proud; she's been carving for seven years now, turning out these birds that look like they're about to fly away. My style isn't representational, and I'm sure she'll tell me to learn how to be representational first so that I can break away later, but I want to skip to the good stuff now. Of course.

I'll bridge the gap by trying my hand at the Old Sea Captain.


Blogger h a i k u g i r l said...

Oh! If you find a class and want a buddy - it me up. It would be fun to try something new!

p.s. I love it when your creativity takes all sorts of forms. Inspiring!

7:03 PM  

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