Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cost Plus: Tool of the devil.

I just dropped a bucket of cash at Cost Plus World Market in honor of my mother's impending visit. What did I spend it on? Well! Let's see.

1. Cranberry silk duiponi sheers for front room. Hey, they were on sale. This was the original reason for going in: they're lightweight, they're cheap, they go with the rug.

2. Because that's not enough, a soft cranberry throw, not on sale.

3. The most adorable wooden chicken for the kitchen. Wooden chickens always remind me of my BFF Carrie and that time in Santa Fe that they were everywhere. I want to make one some day. Maybe this weekend! With Mom! She's a wooden chicken kind of gal.

4. Potholder with a chicken on it. Because, you know, it's a motif.

5. A cranberry-red candle for the front room, because it smells so good and hey, red accent.

6. Two blue candles that I have no idea where they're going to go but they smelled good too.

7. Big tin dog with holes all over it and a space for putting stuff inside it. Possibly one of the blue candles. Why? Could not leave store without it.

8. Belatedly realizing I have nothing to put the candles on, three silver candle plate thingies.

9. And then realizing that I have nothing to set my ginormous white candle on (this candle, thankfully, is already at home), a somewhat larger silver candle plate thingie.

10. And finally, like 4 cheap necklaces that have red/purple/brown beads on them of varying sizes, which I will dismantle and scatter around the white candle on its (somewhat large) candle plate thingie.

And Bonus Thing #11: An unexpected cab ride home, since I took the bus today and now have 20 pounds of stuff to lug home.

My friends are downsizing. I am absorbing all the throw-off karmic energy--a family trait, I must point out. In years to come, economic circles will speak of this as the Brannon Effect.


Blogger Eileen said...

Well who can blame you because all this stuff sounds so good. Besides someone has to do something for the economy. I think it is very noble of you to take this on- have fun with mom.

7:38 AM  

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