Thursday, October 25, 2007

I love me some prophetic horoscopes

Check out today's horoscope:

You are on the edge of something big, even if you don't yet know where it will lead. You'll need to have faith and take the leap into the unknown, for you must initiate any change that will happen now. Remember, there's no need to hang onto your old goals if they no longer have as much significance anymore.
God, I love Truth be told, I've been trying to figure out what kinds of stories I should be writing, because while I love romantic comedy I don't think it's my bag, and paranormal is fun but all of a sudden, everyone and their mother is writing goddesses. Although I do love the Persephone story. I just need to find the right way to write it.

So I'm thinking I write about friendships between women. I just wrote a short piece for a writing class I'm in about Carrie and me and this moment in our friendship that I might post here. There's love and marriage, and then there's friendship, and they are equally important. If there's anything last week taught me, it's that for women, it is vital to be among women.

The ebb and flow of friendship among women has so much impact. When things aren't right between you and one of your friends, it hits you where you live. And when things are right, it makes everything so much better.

I think the same is true of men (albeit in a much more subterranean, nonverbal, some might say beer-drinking noogy-giving form). I'm reading The Sportswriter by Richard Ford, and his narrator says that after his divorce, he joined a divorced men's group, where the conversation is surprisingly not about women. Instead, there is a sense of relief about just being a man among men. So it's a rich vein to mine.

It's also a full moon today, which means anything can happen. It's just too bad the full moon couldn't wait until Halloween. Although it did make for lovely driving last night, after C took me to one of Seattle's swankiest restaurants. He actually had to wear a tie. I actually wore heels, and not my kick-ass cowgirl slides, either. Dainty little Steve Maddens with a rounded toe. I wore a wrap. It was brilliant.

We spent all night fulminating about politics and whether Hillary's got a shot and the problem in Africa and that nutso geneticist who made awful claims about blacks. My masters-student husband made deliberately provocative statements; I freaked out; he said "I am making deliberately provocative statements, you dope," and we had a good laugh over the whole thing. I fear we frightened the other patrons. In other words, we had a great time, and then drove home happily full of wine and really good food, through the balmy breezy Seattle fall.

Seriously, I was born in the best month of all. October: what's not to love? The trees are beautiful, Halloween's next week, my mom's on her way here to spend a goofy stolen weekend with me (our plans: walk around the lake, get Mom on scooter, bike up to the corner bakery for doughnuts Saturday morning), and I just turned 38. Beautiful! Lovely! My favorite, favorite time of year. I get all this good energy this time of year; it's renewal and goodbye, all at the same time. October: blessed.


Blogger Maggie said...

Fabulous post! Thanks for this lovely dose of happiness!

12:22 PM  
Blogger Cruel Shoes said...

Happy belated birthday! You're very fortunate to have been born in October because it IS pretty much the best month available. The other months are OK, but I'd only go with them if something happened to October. A world without October would be devastating.

Anyway, this was a fun post to read. Hope you have fun with your Mom!

5:01 PM  
Blogger debra said...

Most happy birthday to you! May the sunlight cast lovely light on the beautiful leaves (we had Chinese for dinner--I'm in a fortune cookie mood :-)

6:53 PM  

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