Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Here's some recent work - the one above is called Foundering, and the next few shots are details from it. I painted it thinking about a couple friendships that are currently on the rocks, in my circle. The colors are more vibrant than these pictures suggest, and there's a lot more texture than my crappy Instamatic camera captured.

This one above looks like souls, to me. People who've been washed away by waves, and this ephemeral little nothing is all that's left.
Below is a detail from Extinct, which I've been working on. It never seems quite right. Even the camera isn't cooperating: it's way too flashy!

So that's enough of that one. Below is one called Sense and Sensibility, which I wasn't sure of at first, but now it's hanging in the dining room and I love it more than I love wine, which is saying something. Not sure you can see, but the lighter area on the left was impressed with a long strip of cheesecloth, which I then ripped off the wax (all these are encaustic) while the wax was still warm, which left the imprint. Then I fused and now it looks like charred earth. Excellent.

Detail from Sense. C isn't a fan of the 5 little pegs in the corner, so they may go. I'm on the fence, myself.


Blogger inkgrrl said...

Beautifully done. Great choice of theme.

11:26 PM  

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