Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Around again

I'm looking for reincarnation stories - either old, strange memories you have, or books you've read or movies you've seen that deal with the idea of reincarnation. Any suggestions?

On a whim last weekend, I picked up Old Souls by Tom Shroder, a journalist whose initial skepticism gives way to belief when he follows Dr. Ian Stevenson around Lebanon and India, investigating claims that very young children are remembering past lives. Recent past lives, separated by one generation, where young children (2, 3, 4) remember who they were in their last life, including the names of their spouse and children, the location of their homes in far-off villages, and the circumstances of their death.

In the Sikh and Druse communities, where many of these cases arise, reincarnation is accepted as a given - whereas in the West, reincarnation is largely rejected as a woo-woo concept. Reading this book makes me wonder if Western children might repress past-life memories because of pressure from our parents.

Also interesting: most of the children who reported remembering past lives were killed in some violent way. Some of them have birthmarks that correspond to the fatal injuries. And the more some of them remember, the harder their current lives are... which makes me think we're meant to forget. Otherwise life would be far too painful.


Blogger inkgrrl said...

When Jenny convinced me to turn my tons of couples into a reincarnation story I had to do the same hunt. I can't find the list of stuff I came up with on this machine, but I have 3 other computers to rummage so I'll go dig and send you what I find.

6:21 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Brooke - your friendship is one of the things I'm most grateful for today. Best wishes for a lovely holiday!

4:34 PM  

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