Thursday, January 01, 2009

Have you ever done anything wrong?

Really wrong, like hurting a friend? How do you climb back up out of it? Especially when you're in high school? That's something I've been wrangling with lately because I am writing a story about it.

I am also reading a story about it. And that story is putting my own story to shame. Eileen Cook has written the book What Would Emma Do and I started reading it last night and have barely stopped since.

She takes a horrible situation and treats it with humor and a cockeyed kind of dignity, and you know, if she were not also a beautiful human being, I would have to hate her. As it is, I just stand back and shake my head in admiration. But only for a minute or two, because I am hooked on this book and have to get back to reading it.

I am not the only one, either. Not only did Meg Cabot - mega-bestselling author - blurb the thing, but she chose it as one of her Christmas book picks.

If all that doesn't convince you, just look at this cover.

Is this not the funniest damn cover you have ever seen? With the girl stepping on the guy's foot? And them totally going at it in the bushes? I love it. I want to frame it, and it's not even my book. DAMN IT. EILEEN ALWAYS DOES EVERYTHING BETTER.

Including this book.

Go buy the book, friends. Trust me on this.


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you da' best

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