Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am too tan to write

Eh, blog schmog, I've been too busy getting a tan and screwing around at work. Over the last month, I went to Maui, quit my job, and laughed with evil glee as my husband quit his job. I've been lazing around with him and the dog ever since.

There has been no writing. No sewing. No running. But there has been a lot of reading, goofing off, and a number of DVD and iTunes purchases. Ah, credit. In the meantime I have become quite the little butterball, so when I start my new job - at Ye Old Software Factory back in Redmond, don't you know - I also start at the fancypants gym again. I have dreamt of this gym, in my two-year hiatus from That Place. Mmm, gym.

Anyway, regular posts will resume at some point. For right now, I'm having too much fun goofing off and going drinking with friends. Tra la! It's like I'm on strike from the regular world. And you know what? I like it.